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ERC Agro produkten is a commmercial enterprice of Euro Roof Cleaning B.V. and supplier of:


Complete greenhouse materials and complete greenhouse heating systems: Boilers - Burners - Condensers - CO2 Installations - Hanging Materials - Various Heating Systems - Supplier of Agricultural/Horticutural Materials


The power of our company is the speed and service towards our clients.

We works with a small team of experts and ingenieurs.


In 1993 Euro Roof Cleaning B.V. was founded by C.C. van der Gaag.
This LLC was specialized in cleaning of greenhouse-roofs.
As one of the first companies we used roof-washers to clean greenhouse-roofs in Holland, England and France.
Next to the cleaning activities we searched for other activities as resulted in the founding of commercial enterprise ERC Agro produkten in 1995.
C.J. van der Gaag (father Kees) entered the company as purchaser and manager: specialist and expert in greenhouse heating systems since 1960.

The seasonal cleaning activities stopped when there came too much competitors and the machines needed to be replaced.

Because of the increasing greenhouse-construction activity in C.C. van der Gaag Kassenbouw B.V.,
C.C. van der Gaag (Chris) pulled back from ERC Agro produkten to focus on greenhouse construction and supervision/project management.
For more information: www.vdgaagkassenbouw.nl


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